The Designer & Brand

My name is Jazy Houston and I'm the creator of Jazy Archives. A creative who has always been fascinated with fashion and design. My creative journey started in 2017 when my grandmother taught me how to sew. I instantly fell in love with making statement pieces and styling outfits. When I started sharing my designs with family and friends, they inspired me to think about selling my designs. The idea was exciting, but trying to bring it into reality brought up a lot of mental challenges. For the past 5-6 years, I was faced with doubt, overthinking, and crippling perfectionism.

All of this caused extreme mental chaos and self-sabotaging tendencies. I would be at a point where I'm consistently sharing my art, then the anxiety would kick in and cause me to archive all of my posts or delete my social media pages. At most times, I thought that what I was creating was never good enough.

One day my perspective changed for the better. I knew that I had a passion to create for a living and there was only one way for that to happen. I needed to be resilient in the midst of all the mental chaos. I must continue to push through and remind myself that my anxiety was telling me lies and to trust myself and my craft.

Jazy Archives derived from the unevolved version of me not appreciating my work enough by depriving it of being seen and appreciated. There is no hiding my art from the world anymore. This entire brand is my "ARCHIVE" and it is here to stay.
There are a lot of people struggling with similar issues on their creative journey. This brand is an advocate for anxious creatives and has a mission to remind us that no matter what mental battles we face, we must continue to stand strong in our creative identity and share our art with the world.